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Please don't stop.

I think you do a great job with the voices. They're not, like, professional, but they have their own unique feel to them that really jives with the mood of your stories. Quality will grow gradually in your work over the years, but you have to keep at it. No one is born knowing how to work mics and sync voices. You have a real talent for writing funny and interesting scripts. Don't give up on that :)

I like it

I really like this series. :)

If you're using Flash, just skim through a tutorial about tweening. It's easy, looks good, and will probably save you some work too. You don't need Photoshop, that guy doesn't know what he's talking about. If you really want to improve the look of your drawings, there are many free or very cheap programs that can help you... but really, it all comes down to artistic ability.. there are no magic programs

That being said, I think the basic drawings you have here are just fine for what you're doing.. but the animation is frankly quite an eyesore :p There are mountains of Flash tutorials out there.. many right here on NG.. so there's no excuse not to learn some simple tricks to spruce up your work. They can really make a world of difference :)

Anyways, keep making 'em and I'll keep watching 'em!

Great job :)

This series is totally spot on. I really feel like I'm watching an early-90s TV show.

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Like it

What a unique idea, what a charming presentation.

Jindo responds:

Thanks :), and thanks for the review!


I'm so sick of the clocks.. prettymuch all crew movies for that matter.

And this is a fun little game too. I just wish it had an ending. I played to 10,000 and quit. I didn't pick endless mode.

When I got to that point, I found that when I ran to the top right of the screen and fired, my health shot up, with the bar going out of the screen. Little glitch there?

Fun, but basic

I like it. You should add more to it. Like a slo-mo button!

Robot-Creations responds:



Now to you: There WERE more things in the game, but I deciced to delete them, because they were confusing. I wanted a simple game, and I got that.

Now, 2 minigames- Now It's time to rock NG with a BIG game? ISN'T IT?

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It's nice but...

Why didn't you build on the beat? The transition to piano was a real let-down

Like it, like it

Don't know why nobody's reviewing your music, don't know why this is rating lower than all the techno, this is powerful, unique, stuff.

Upon closer inspection you find nothing of interest.

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